Our story


My life has always included some form of creativity.  I started sewing at a young age, enjoyed drawing and painting and started filling folders with collages of ideas years before I was taught to do the very same things at a design school.


I love the craft and skill that it takes to create beautiful garments and have always been fascinated by what we communicate of ourselves through the clothes we wear.


I love natural materials for their earthy integrity.  Natural fibres are in tune with our bodies and connect us with the wider world when used with respect for the environment where they come from.  Linen reveals its natural origins through the bumps and irregularities in the weave.  Nature's imperfections hold an element of surprise that keeps the mind humble and open.


The natural world is interconnected and works fluidly with its circular life cycles.  We must learn to be part of the flow rather than a disruptive and destructive force.  Life is resilient, but for us to flourish we must learn to nurture our environment.


My style has been influenced by the rather minimalist Finnish design tradition mixed with my heritage peasant vernacular.  I came of age studying products that embodied the idea 'form follows function'.  I find femininity through shape, movement and feeling on the skin.


I grew up surrounded by skilled makers and the products of their hands.  I'm not the first dressmaker in the family and the beautiful weaving, embroidery, woodwork, painting and make-do creativity of the ones before me anchors my own artisan life.  Not only is making and designing my happy place, but it connects me to my ancestry.


My work only comes alive when the clothes meet a wearer.  I enjoy the moments of connection, stories shared, and if wearing a new dress turns on the sparkle in the eye, I know I've brought something good into the world.


Dressmaker, designer, founder

Maria Julkunen