Spring Clean - a little wardrobe guide

Usually around the time the temperature signals a change in season, I do a big wardrobe clean out, where I go through my entire stash of wearables. This takes at least half a day, and results in newfound ways to put outfits together, a shopping list of missing pieces, an out-of-season pile that gets stored out of sight and items to throw away, donate and sell.


Start by emptying your whole wardrobe, drawers, boxes and other hideaways you have. Your bed is the likely resting place, but leave space for laying out complete outfits.


What to keep, what needs to go? If unsure, try it on. Ripped, stained, washed out, too tight, too short – goodbye! If something gives you the sinking feeling, it’s time to let go, no matter how much you spent on it. Getting dressed should make you feel GOOD. Ask yourself: Have I worn it in the past year, two years? Does it go with anything else? What are the missing pieces that can make the misfits wearable? Do I want to be seen in public in this? Is it age appropriate? Can it be altered or mended? Do I really need it?


Let go of who you used to be. Your style has changed over the years and so has your body. Some genuine self love is needed here. You deserve to get dressed in clothes that suit your size and shape. Taking photos of yourself wearing a variety of outfits speaks volumes. Camera tells the truth better than a mirror. Through its unsentimental eye you can learn what really works for you.


As you do your sorting, try to put together complete outfits. Make note of garments that go with a variety of others. Snap a photo if you discover new combinations, as you’re likely to forget these when old habits take over.


When you have gone through your whole stash, including underwear and footwear, you should deal with the outcasts without delay. And then, with fresh understanding of haves and have nots, it’s time to go SHOPPING! And that’s another story.


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